In this video, Dr. Dhruv will explain about what is recovery time after fue hair transplant and when can you start your routine after a hair transplant.For an FUE hair transplant, there is no recovery time. What we do in FUE hair transplant, we use micro-punches of around point 8 to point 9 millimeters to punch around your hair follicles in the donor area.That hair follicle is removed and that is put into the bald scalp using very small units.The whole of the scalp is anesthetized by local anesthesia so you’re totally awake conscious during procedure but you just don’t feel the little bit on a punches being used so you are just under local anesthesia and that wounds that are on the back of your head are of micro diameters like of 0.8 millimeters diameters which heal within a day or two.So physically you’re fit to resume your work.Normal daily activities start very next day it’s self by taking some small precautions like living small hat and avoiding bumping on your head.So small precautions can be taken them and you can rejoin your work, start your normal daily activities immediately the next day.

We hope that Dr. Dhruv, has answered your concern on recovery process after a hair transplant and what is the post op care that should be taken after a hair transplant. Still, you have any query, please write down to us in a comment or visit our website. You can take hair transplant consultation with our hair transplant surgeon to get in-depth knowledge on hair transplant.

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वीडियो देखने के लिए धन्यवाद You can start your routine just after a day of hair transplant. | HairMD, Pune