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A man had a hair transplant two months ago, and has since noticed hair fall amounting to about 10-20 follicles every time they comb their hair after a bath. He wants to know if this is a normal occurrence.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, M.D. reviews his person’s concerns in this video, and explains how hair shedding that occurs after a hair transplant is likely due to shock loss from the trauma of transplant surgery; and how Hair Regeneration can help improve healing of hair grafts, improve shock loss, and thicken thinning native hair:

1:03 — Dr. Prasad details his background training in cosmetic oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as his experience as a hair loss specialist and founder of TrichoStem™ Hair Regeneration Centers

1:41 — How hair loss after a hair transplant is usually due to shock loss; and what occurs during shock loss

2:46 — The role of platelet-rich plasma and extracellular matrix in improved graft healing and donor area healing

3:40 — How Hair Regeneration treatment is able to thicken existing thinning hairs, stop hair loss progression, and prolong the hair growth cycle

4:15 — The 99% success rate of the Hair Regeneration treatment

4:25 — How Hair Regeneration is able to address shock loss and improve hair graft growth

5:19 — The limitations and drawbacks of a hair transplant

6:37 — How Hair Regeneration has improved the skin quality and healing progress of patients who’ve had more than one hair transplant

7:29 — How hair shedding doesn’t necessarily mean permanent hair loss

8:12 — Dr. Prasad’s recommendation; and the importance of a physical examination

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