Why is the hair transplant in turkey so cheap?
Romina explains it. The hair transplant price depends on the lower costs in turkey for mostly things, like medical stuff. In Europe turkey has one of the cheapest hair transplant price ´s. It is a big big differnece between other countries. Turkey is one of the main spots for hairtransplants. the euro is nowadays more valuable then the turkish lira. so the hair transplant for european people is very cheap when it is for tukish people a lot of money.


The procedure of hairimplant with Elithairtransplant
On the first day, the patient gets picked up from the airport, by the team from Elithair and driven to the clinic. The blood test generally takes place the day before the hairs transplantation Turkey at Elithair. After the blood test, the patient is driven to the hotel for the Check Inn. On the second day the hairimplant Turkey Istanbul takes place at Elithairtransplant. After the surgery in the hospital of Elit, the patient is driven back to the hotel. Should the patient spend another two nights in Istanbul, the first shampooing can take place in the clinic of Elit. He can recommend elithair to everyone who suffers of hairs loss.

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