Hair transplantation procedure will consist of 2 parts, first part of follicular unit extraction from the donor area and transplanting to the recipient area. Here we need to understand what is meant by a graft or what is meant by a single hair. The graft is a group of naturally occurring follicles or hair, means to say that the grafts can be a single hair, a graft can be a group of 2 hairs together and a graft can be a group of 3 hairs together, 4 hairs together. So each one is called as graft. In 2 follicle graft, we have 2 follicles in a single graft. In a 3 follicular graft we have 3 follicles or hair in a graft. So approximately or roughly 1000 grafts 2200 to 2400 follicles, here the graft number or the graft yield varies in the donor density. Once we examine the client or the patient, we can reasonably give an idea about how many grafts we are going to extract or how many follicles we are going to extract. Usually in the normal procedure, we extract from 2000 to 3500 grafts. It amounts to 6000 to 9000 follicle. So this is the difference between the grafts and the follicles. We discuss about this with the patient and we approximately give them an idea a about how many grafts or how many follicles we are going to transplant.