For optimal results, please follow these instructions carefully. First, discontinue the use of aspirins, vitamins, ibuprofens for 7 days prior to and 3 days after your surgical procedure. Paracetamols are acceptable for use and if you are in doubt following the use of the concerned medicine, then contact your office. Second no alcoholic beverages for 7 days before the surgery because alcohol can cause excessive bleeding and make the surgical procedure more difficult. Third a normal night sleep is recommended the night before the procedure. Fourth, eat a normal breakfast prior to the procedure because nausea or vomiting can occur if the surgical procedure is performed on a patient with empty stomach. Third wash and dry your hair on the morning of the surgical procedure. Please do not use hair spray on the day of the procedure. Please bring a loose fitting baseball type cap and a wear a bottom down shirt. Sixth, prior to the start of the surgical procedure, you can purchase from your local pharmacy as you may need those items after the. One is ice pack that is reusable form and can be made from a plastic bag filled with ice cubes. Seven, it is not recommended that you drive home after the surgical procedure after the transplant.