Which is better Sapphire FUE or DHI?🤔

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Capital Hair Center is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Thanks to the best hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, you can benefit from the treatments Capital Hair Center offers.
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The best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey, Dr. Ekrem Keskin, can give your hair back. You can also enjoy the medical hospitality of the best hair clinic in Turkey with Capital Hair Center.
Hair transplant in Turkey is a competitive arena. But that doesn’t make Dr. Ekrem Keskin shy away from the challenge of being the best hair transplant in Turkey. Because he’s the best, he is the head hair transplant surgeon of Capital Hair Center, and he leads his hair transplant team by example.

Hair transplantation is the most successful treatment for people who battle hair loss. Hair treatment techniques like FUE and DHI hair transplant surgeries are the best methods for hair transplantation for people who want to solve their hair loss problem with a permanent solution. Hair transplantation surgeons apply the FUE hair transplant technique by taking the follicles of the donor area on a single basis without the need for stitches and without leaving any traces, thanks to the micro-technique. Then the hair surgeons divide these hair follicles into groups based on their natural types and prepare them with the help of their medical teams. FUE is a better technique than the invasive surgery, FUT hair transplant, because the doctors take the follicles naturally from the donor area without stitches and skin strips. The DHI method is similar to FUE in extracting the hair follicles from the scalp but differs during the implantation because of a special pen called the Choi pen. Thanks to the Choi pen, hair transplant surgeons perform both channel opening and hair transplantation simultaneously. After adjusting for the appropriate angle, they place the hair follicles in the Choi pen and then transplant them into the scalp with the needle’s push feature. Thus, there is no need to open a channel. Therefore, sometimes this method is called the Choi method.

Dr. Ekrem Keskin has been treating patients worldwide for nearly 15 years, using hair transplantation techniques like Sapphire FUE and DHI. Dr. Ekrem Keskin performed numerous surgeries with his experienced medical staff and professional services at Capital Hair Center.

Capital Hair Center offers Sapphire FUE and DHI hair transplantation, beard transplantation, women’s hair transplant, and PRP treatments to its patients.


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