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We see a lot of videos and articles about Male Hair loss and transplant however females are equally affected by Hair fall and face lot of issues emotional stress when they go through this phase.

Most common types of Hairfall are:

– Male or Female pattern baldness
– Alopecia areata
– Telogen effluvium
– Anagen effluvium

Following are the ways to treat Female Hairloss and in the short we talk about Female Hair loss treatment through PRP

Treatment by medicine: We conduct a couple of tests to determine if the problem can be treated with medicine and accordingly suggest the right medicines.

Non-surgical treatments: We offer whole range of nonsurgical solutions for baldness which includes PRP(Platelet rich plasma), mesotherapy, derma roller & stem cell treatment

Natural Hair transplantation: In this Method, Grafts from the donor areas hair are taken and then transplanted onto the area where hair is thinning or there is a bald patch.

Synthetic Hair Transplant: In this Method, Natural looking artificial hairs are implanted instead of natural hair

Hair Weaving: This is a nonsurgical technique where a patch of natural human hair is fixed in the bald area and merged well with the existing hair.