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A gentleman underwent a hair transplant for 2800 grafts, which 6 days after was followed by a regimen of minoxidil 5% topical application twice a day, and scalp washing. He feels by the 12th day, he lost 50% of his hair grafts.

New York hair restoration specialist Dr. Amiya Prasad explains in this video why hair grafts heal quickly after transplant surgery so it’s unlikely that they will fall out, and what causes normal shedding after a hair transplant:

1:32 – Dr. Prasad’s experience in hair restoration for over 20 years, including non-surgical hair transplant alternative
2:23 – How fast grafts heal after a transplant – they have to be cut out after a few days
2:46 – Shedding that happens after a hair transplant in both transplanted and native hair
3:10 – How a hair transplant alternative was first developed as a way to help transplanted hair and donor area heal, and also reduced shedding and thickened existing hair
3:50 – How treating thinning hair non-surgically gave better hair density than a hair transplant
4:11 – How the non-surgical hair thinning treatment helped hair transplant patients who had their surgery done elsewhere
4:44 – What was likely lost instead of hair grafts, and why the transplanted hair follicles are likely to remain intact
4:58 – Timeline of transplanted hair follicles to grow – up to 18 months

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