In this video Alec removes a pilar cyst from a patient’s scalp. This is a simple, outpatient procedure and we take care of the pain with a local anesthetic. It ends with simple stitches and directions on how to take care of the wound. Cysts aren’t any fun, but generally speaking, they are not dangerous.

A few facts about Pilar Cysts (aka epidermoid cysts):

– Happens when a hair follicle gets clogged
– Common in the scalp
– Irritating, but not dangerous to your health
– Slow growing
– Mostly painless (unless their size adds pressure to the skull)
– At Ada West Dermatology, we send it the removed cyst to our dermatopathology lab to be sure it is benign
– May go away on its own over time (but could take a long time)
– It is not preventable
– More common in women.
– Getting the cyst wall (sac) out helps prevent recurrence
– If you rupture the cyst and it oozes, be sure to watch for infection
Video shared with patient permission.

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