Hair Transplants for Men. Our very happy hair transplant recipient Kenith says “I am thrilled with the results. Amazing. I’d do it all over again. Absolutely awesome.” Dr. Huebner at Natural Transplants. “I’m here with Kenith and it’s almost four years after his transplant with us. And I wanted to do this video because people always ask about how long hair transplants last for men. You know, and the longevity of it (hair transplantation results are permanent). And this is a perfect example of a guy that had it done four years ago. It’s unbelievable the difference it made in his life as he just feels so much better about his hair. His overall just appearance is changed dramatically with his hair restored.”

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Kenith tells Dr. Matt Huebner, his hair transplant surgeon, just how much he appreciated what he has done for him, he says “I do want to say this. You definitely had excellent bedside manners. I’m gonna keep highlighting that because every time I had a question or concern you were always available by text. If I need a phone conversation, you were always available.” Hair transplant results are permanent. Share this hair transplant before and after video with friends and family:

Have you lost a lot of hair? Our hair restoration surgeons move healthy hairs, usually on the back and sides of your head, to areas where your hair loss is happening. At Natural Transplants our hair doctors use an advanced FUT method to transplant “grafts”. Hair grafts are small pieces of tissue made up of skin, and subcutaneous fat that contain anywhere from 1-7 hairs.

The HUE Method results in higher quality grafts with a higher density than any other hair restoration procedure. The fact is that the types of grafts used in the HUE Method often have double or triple the amount of hair offered at other clinics. This is achieved by a highly-skilled doctor and highly efficient technicians, meticulously trained to maximize the donor tissue by limiting transected donor hairs. The entire procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art facilities, utilizing the latest in medical equipment to achieve the best hair transplant possible.

During FUT surgery, our surgeon removes a strip of skin from your scalp, usually from the back of your head. The removed scalp will then be expertly trimmed into smaller grafts, each containing a few hairs. The number and type of hair that can be transplanted will depend on several factors including hair type, elasticity, quality, density, and the size of the donor area from which you’re getting the transplanted hair.

After the grafts have been properly prepared, the area where the hair will go will be cleaned and will receive a local anesthetic to minimize the discomfort and then the supervised staff make slits with a scalpel and then each graft will be placed in one of the slots. Speak with the experts in hair restoration and hair transplant surgery and get a permanent hair loss solution that’s guaranteed to change the way you look.

For many people, hair transplant surgery can restore a fuller, thicker head of hair that can leave you looking younger and feeling more confident. Visit to learn about our exclusive HUE Method (High-Yield Unit Extraction®). It’s how our patients can receive as many as 10,000 hairs and produces impressive results with the maximum density in a single procedure.

Hair Transplants: What to Expect. Hair restoration’s a type of surgery that moves healthy hairs to fill an area that is thinning or where you have lost the majority of the hair. While hair transplant surgeries have been around since the 1950s, with our modern HUE Method (High-Yield Unit Extraction®) our patients can get more hair, in one procedure lasting less than 6 hours. Visit and then call 844-327-4247 and get free and helpful information about hair transplant costs, finance options, recovery, and much more.

Hair loss and male pattern baldness? The odds might have been stacked you against at birth. It is also referred to as hereditary pattern baldness because hair loss often ‘runs” in the family. At first, your hair recedes just a little bit at a time, but before you know it that receding hairline becomes a bald spot that’s – spreading.

If you are experiencing significant hair loss, learn about your specific situation by calling 954-372-8824 and setting up a consultation in-person, via WhatsApp, or Facetime.

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