The number of grafts or hair follicles that are required for successful result in Hair transplant would depend on the area where we are measuring. The area is measured and designed before the starting of the procedure and we will be calculating how much strands are required for this procedure. The natural number of hair according to the natural density, we are going to design and calculate. The front hair for example, will require around 100 grafts. We will need to have high density to give good results. There will be gradually merging hairline which will give a natural appearing results. The grafts also depend on the number of hairs that can be extracted from the donor area. Donor area is the area from which we have to extract the hair from the back of the head, because these are not influenced by the hormones or genetic factors., which will be permanent when transplanted. So the hairs will continue to grow and it can be cut shorted, trimmed and styled in your own choice. So once you have done the transplantation, the area, the design will give a natural looking appearance and the area where we are going to transplant, for example, you are going to do the front half and the there is the vertex, which is the middle part of the hair zone, will require 5000 grafts. So the more grafts we add, it is going to give a more natural looking result. So with higher density, it will give best natural looking results. With best appearance of gaps between the hairs. So this will give a best result.