During the initial consultation, a doctor will evaluate the condition of the scalp and the hair follicles.


The hair density will also be measured using an imaging technique known as trichoscopy.

This is followed by the measurement of the balding spots or areas using a standard scaling system. The average cost of hair transplant surgery with 5000 grafts is 6000 USD.

Hair graft is a strip of skin containing 2-3 healthy hair follicles. The number, shape, and size of the hair graft are dependent on the surgical approach that the doctor opts for the patient.

Donor hair follicles can be obtained from any part of the body, but the preferred region is the occipital scalp. After a comprehensive evaluation of the scalp tissue and hair density, the surgeon decides on the technique best suited for the patient.

There are many hair transplantation methods that a patient can opt for. There are two techniques that are more popular among the patients as well as the surgeons, namely FUT and FUE.

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