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Today, there are multiple techniques for hair transplantation. All of these techniques are based on two main techniques: FUE and FUT. In the first years of hair transplantation, hair follicles were removed from the donor area as plates and transplanted without disturbing the ribbon structure. In theory, this method seemed impeccable, but it actually made the patient feel more pain and ache. Moreover, since the transplanted hair was carried in strips, the appearance wasn’t natural. Needlepoints called Punch allowed the intervention to hair follicles one by one. With the 2000s, FUT technique left its popularity to FUE technique. If we consider hair transplantation techniques as a method, we can say that there is actually more than one method. The most well-known of these are:

FUE hair transplantation
Robotic hair transplantation (not recommended, not natural)
DHI method (not recommended)
Sapphire tip method
Percutaneous method
FUT hair transplantation

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