Hair transplant for diffuse pattern alopecia ?
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A hair transplant for diffuse pattern alopecia is possible if we build up the scalp donor area, and the doctor follows up the patient and determines whether he is responding to oral Finasteride and whether he is committed to taking the medication after hair transplant in the long-term.

For the hair so transplanted are sustained by the effect of Finasteride that blocks the deleterious effects of DHT on susceptible hair follicles.

Dr Bhatti does several cases of Diffuse patter alopecia whether patterned or unpatterned every week.

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01:32 Hair transplants are not what Dreams are made of !
02:44 An Ode to 5 disenchanted patients !
03:09 Case study- a case of diffuse pattern alopecia who underwent a successful hair transplant with medication
04:12 A hair transplant is much more than just moving hair

If you wish a hair transplant for diffuse thinning of diffuse patterned or unpatterned alopecia do discuss it with us. There is no hurry!

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