Hair transplant for Beard : Repair
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Hair transplant for beard is offered as an option bu hair transplant clinics in India and abroad for those who have a sparse beard or for thickening existing beard.

FUE beard hair transplant is commonly in vogue today.

However as the before and after beard hair transplant video shows, beard hair transplant repair is becoming increasingly common due to improper case selection, poor technique and bad patient counseling.

Hair loss treatments:

hair transplant for beard and repair: what are the type of beards and beard hair transplants to achieve your goals : when not to do a beard hair transplant : Top beard hair transplant result

00:08 importance of beard
01:17 races that sport a beard
01:38 failed beard hair transplant- case report
03:10 FULL surgery for beard hair transplant repair
14:06 When is beard hair transplant not done
16:40 test grafting before a beard hair transplant

Beard hair transplant and facial hair transplant are specialised field of surgical hair restoration and so is repair for a failed beard hair transplant. Dr Bhatti discusses a case of failed beard hair transplant repair. If you wish to get a FREE* consultation please share pictures on Whatsapp +91 9814531111
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