Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with Dr Dmitri Wall, Dermatologist at Hair Restoration Blackrock HRBR

Q. Am I too young to get a hair transplant?

Video transcript:
Age in transplantation is a great question. It’s something that we always say to patients, don’t rush into a transplant. You can transplant people and there’s reasons why you might transplant someone who’s younger, someone who’s still in childhood when they’ve got a scarring hair loss, and you’re trying to fill in a very obvious deficit. But usually we ask men who are starting to see male pattern hair loss to take their time and think about this. You want to see how their hair loss progresses over time. You want to see how they respond to surgery. You want to see how they deal with that loss psychologically and you want to get a better idea of their expectations. Taking your time often results in better outcomes from surgery. In terms of what’s the ideal age, that varies for everybody who comes in. There’s certainly people in their 20s who are good candidates for hair transplantation, and that increases as you get older. There’s so many factors that contribute to whether transplantation is right for someone basing it on age alone will never give you the right answer.