Dr. Sean Behnam demonstrates how the donor area looks on his patient, 1 month after 2,500 grafts were extracted from this area. He explains that by using ACell growth factor, and advanced tools for punching the grafts, as well as many years of experience, he’s able to consistently get results like this for his patients.

FUE Hair Transplant: Performed by Dr. Sean Behnam

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Crown hair restoration is complex and requires skill and experience to create natural results. Dr. Sean Behnam is able to use both his left and his right hand to make sites with the perfect angle and direction. This is one of multiple techniques that Dr. Sean Behnam uses to achieve superior results for his patients.

With Follicular Unit extraction (FUE), we can get a lot of three hairs to create adequate density. With the FUT procedure, sometimes we double up some ones and twos to make threes to create density. With either procedure, FUE or FUT, I use about 100 singles to create the hairline. Also this depends on the shape of the hairline and how wide the hairline is.

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