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A man had a hair transplant with over 4500 grafts placed 11 days prior. He has scabs with hairs shedding from his scalp, and asks if these are are grafts that didn’t take, or an early shedding of hairs. He has only used baby shampoo mixed with a cup of water to clean his head since the hair transplant surgery.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews his photo and his questions in this video, explaining the different causes of hair shedding after a transplant, as well as possibilities of why hair grafts may not take:

1:32 – Dr. Prasad’s background training, and his experience in performing hair transplants over the last 20 years, and also his founding of non-surgical hair restoration treatment and clinics
2:01 – Why losing hair after a hair transplant is not unusual
2:26 – How a certain percentage of hair grafts may get dry after after a transplant, causing hairs to break off while the hair root remains in the skin
2:44 – How some hair grafts with the follicles can be lost after a transplant
2:58 – How some hair grafts don’t take during the transplant
3:05 – How large volume of grafts in a single session, known as “megasessions” can have up to 90% of grafts lost
3:15 – How Dr. Prasad’s Hair Regeneration treatment with extracellular matrix came about to help healing of hair grafts, and increase hair graft survival
3:33 – How having 4500 hair grafts transplanted is very different from 4500 hair grafts growing
3:52 – How anywhere from 10% or more of hair grafts can be lost depending on different variables
3:59 – How the donor area is a limited source of hairs, so hair transplants are an important procedure on a personal level
4:20 – How hair grafts are very solidly in place 2 days after surgery, so any hairs falling out after 11 days are likely to be just hair, and not the roots
4:42 – How Dr. Prasad recommends gentle hair washing, and keeping areas of scabbing and crusting moist
4:57 – How the Hair Regeneration non-surgical treatment does help hair transplant patients, even when they had their hair transplant performed at another practice, because it helps heal hair grafts, and also thickens existing hair surrounding the transplanted hair
5:42 – How native hair can be lost due to the trauma of hair transplantation
5:58 – How extracellular matrix is used by Dr. Prasad to thicken existing hair, prevent loss of existing hair due to transplant trauma, and increase survival of hair grafts
6:16 – How people with hair transplants done elsewhere were able to benefit from Dr. Prasad’s Hair Regeneration treatment performed one month after their original transplant
6:55 – How grafts need a surgical instrument to remove them after 48 hours, so it is likely that loss temporary since the transplanted roots are still in place and will grow
7:12 – How shock loss due to the trauma of hair transplantation makes hairs enter an early shedding phase, but will grow again since the roots are still in place

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