This is the BEFORE – AFTER video of a 2430 Grafts FUE Extraction and DHI implantation Hair Transplant for a patient suffering from diffuse thinning. The Hair Transplant was performed by Doctor Dogan Turan and his team at FUECAPILAR, in our hair transplant center in Istanbul, Turkey.

Patient Details
Level of Alopecia: Diffuse thinning
Surgical Plan: Without lowering the hairline, Dr. Turan worked across the entire scalp to increase density. Overall, 2430 grafts were implanted, from which 1157 were implanted in the frontal. And 1283 were used in the mid scalp and crown. The surgery was performed in one day with 2 sessions of extraction and implantation.

– Patient ́s age: 28 years old.
The patient was recommended to start finasteride and minoxidil, he started the treatment 3 months prior to the surgery and he continued afterwards.
– Hair Thickness: thin hair 49-51 microns.
– Hair Type: caucasian, thin, brown hair.
– Number of Grafts Implanted: 2430
– 0.7mm micromotor punch was used for the extraction.

Graft Breakdown
1s: 653
2s: 1465
3s: 311

Overall hairs/graft ratio: 1.86