In this video you will learn about Danger in Hair Transplant Surgery, Risk, Benefits and Side Effects, Facts and Myths, Part 1by Dr. Rakesh Jangra, Rakshaa Aesthetics.

Is hair transplant a safe procedure? Can a hair transplant affect the functioning of mu=y brain? Should I get a hair transplant surgery done? If you also have such questions in your mind, then this video is especially for you. Here is an experienced hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Rakesh Jangra who is talking in detail about the dangers associated with your surgery. In this video, he has clearly talked about the various myths related to hair transplantation, the reason behind the different costs of the treatment at different centres, and the dangers, risk or side effects of the treatment.
So make sure you watch this video till the end and choose your doctor and clinic wisely.

00:00 Intro About Danger in Hair Transplant Surgery
00:20 Is there any risk in Hair Transplant Surgery ?
01:05 All Myths of Hair Transplant Risk
02:35 Is Danger in Hair Transplant Surgery ?
03:30 Benefits of a Board Certified Surgeon
04:20 Complications in Hair Transplant Surgery
05:54 Hair Extraction Requires Experience and Skill
07:40 Choose Right Doctor With Expertise

MD, Consultant Dermatologist, Specialist in Hair, Skin, Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology.
RakShaa Skin Clinic was the fulfillment of the vision and persistent efforts over 10 years of its founder – Dr. Rakesh Jangra, best dermatologist in Delhi. While pursuing his MD in Skin & VD, he developed a deep interest in

Aesthetic Dermatology. He was fascinated by how powerful Aesthetic Dermatology was as if rightly done it could bring in such a huge difference to someone’s life. Being confident about one’s appearance could play a huge role in transforming a person’s personal & professional life.
With RakShaa Skin Clinic, Dr. Rakesh, best Skin Specialist in Delhi (Pitampura, Rohini) wants to transform this landscape for the better.Despite being fairly young, he has a huge repertoire of experience, having successfully done 5000+ laser-assisted procedures for skin & hair and 2000+ hair procedures such as hair transplant, hair restoration, etc.

In a career spanning over 10 years, Dr. Rakesh, also known as the best Skin Specialist in Delhi (Pitampura, Rohini) has got the opportunity to work on the entire spectrum of treatments in hair, skin, and facial aesthetics.
Rakshaa Skin Clinic in Rohini caters not only to uplift your skin and body but to your spirit as well. Personalized and holistic skincare by highly skilled medical professionals is our USP. We use only the finest products and equipment that are all clinically proven to deliver aesthetic enhancement with realistic expectations. We work with clients to design a skin treatment plan that not just transforms their skin, but also brings out healthier and better-looking skin.

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