Differences between styling my natural hair and transplanted hair! It has been almost 2 years since my hair transplant and these are some key things I realized about my transplanted hair.

(you may not experience all of these, but you may also experience new ones that I haven´t stumbled upon)

-Transplanted hair is thicker than my natural still thinning hair and requires more styling products to keep it in a certain shape all day long

-I don´t recommend keeping your transplanted hair short after hair transplant but rather let it grow longer to avoid unnatural looking transition between transplanted and non-transplanted areas on your scalp

-Transplanted hair may look like it is growing out of your scalp too much upright and not under the right angles as your natural hair is growing. This may be due to the incorrect graft placement or using too much anesthesia on the recipient and donor area by the hair transplant, which tends to overly shock the graft and make it look more tense and give it this upright look.

How to avoid these? Check out the whole video!

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