In this video, Dr. Sachin Pawar guides you on how to choose the best clinic for your hair transplant & parameter that needs to be checked before finalizing hair transplant centre. In your question how to choose best hair transplant clinic the meaning of word best hair transplant is important. Hair transplant is a science as well as art. Best hair transplant have some criteria like it should look natural & real, then direction and angle of hair are important then hair density should be properly planned so that you get the look of a head full of hairs. In a hair transplant, hairline designing is a very important part. We have to consider about your age then your degree of baldness and maximum availability of hair grafts. The balding area contains almost around 75000 grafts and while doing hair transplantation we are using just seven to eight thousand grafts at max so the even distribution of grafts all over the bald area won’t give you naturally the density. So the priority areas should be transplanted first. In a hair transplant, anybody can accept hair follicles and transplant them but if it is not done properly you are at a loss because it won’t give you a natural look, good hair transplant result and it also depletes your donor area so the further it becomes difficult if a future corrective hair transplant is required. Now how to choose best hair transplant center, you yourself should see how equipped & latest the center’s surgery infrastructure is in terms of what quality instruments they are using and then OT setup should be well equipped to handle all kind of emergencies then you should meet the surgeon who is going to do the hair transplantation and go through is qualification, experience and talk with him about what are his plans for your hair transplant, then you should do some research about the clinic’s hair transplant results, their past patients talk with them ask them how is their experience about the clinic and what are the results if you are satisfied with all the investigation then you can go for the procedure. After all, if hair transplantation is done at best hands it can give you great look but if it is not done properly your look will be a ruin forever so while choosing a hair transplant clinic to be through in all these things.

So, before choosing any hair transplant clinic for hair restoration research thoroughly and go with the clinic which has the best result, optimum cost, and experienced surgeon and technicians. If you still have any query, please right down in comment & for detailed information, you can visit our clinic or take hair transplant consultation with us.

Watch a video of hair transplant patient shares experience about our clinic.

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How to choose the best hair transplant clinic?

How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

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