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People ask all the time, what are the different techniques for hair transplant surgery? Well, first everyone should understand that plugs are a thing of the past. There’s no more baby doll or Barbie doll hair or the corn rows or anything like that. Today’s transplants are very natural and that’s why you don’t notice them. In looking specifically at the techniques, there’s basically two different ones. And really when you refer to techniques, we are really referring to harvesting of the donor hair in the back of the head. It can either be done with the gold standard method today, which is flicker unit micro grafting, where you take a strip of tissue out of the back of the head. You put it under the microscope and you dissect it and divide it into individual groupings of one, two, three and four hair grafts. That’s how they naturally occur and you directly visualize these grafts under the microscope. The other way to do it is to use flicker unit extraction and that’s where you remove one hair at a time from the back of the head. Flicker unit extraction is much more time consuming than the FUT or strip method; however it doesn’t leave a linear scar. These individual little grafts leave tiny little dots, but you really can’t appreciate them. You don’t see the scar. So remember when we say there’s two techniques, we are really only talking about the method for donor harvest. Not the technique for how we transplant the hairs into the head.